Tatiana Tejedor is an experienced fashion designer living in Boston. Studied fashion design at the School of Fashion Design. She describes her ideal client as someone who appreciates art and likes to take risks. A background in architecture, interior design and fine art, in addition to what she has learned about different cultures through her travels, all directly influence her eclectic, colorful, textile driven, detail oriented designs.

Jay Calderin

                "In my experience few new designers are able to translate their ideas into quality products as well as Tatiana. Many new designers are tempted to impress with “one-offs,” but Tatiana has a clear

understanding of importance of creating cohesive collections, which is an industry standard for any

successful fashion business.

The scope of Tatiana’s talents as a fashion designer is comprehensive. In addition to doing womenswear, she has successfully branched out into menswear, filling a very specific niche in the regional market. Not limiting herself to the design of the garments, she has established a reputation as an innovative textile designer. Although a new designer may aspire to tackle all of these areas, it takes an extraordinary designer like Tatiana Tejedor to find the right balance between inspiration, proficiency and execution.

This year marks 20 years of my working with designers through Boston Fashion Week, and I must say

that Tatiana stands out as a designer who both the public, the press, and the industry have embraced as

soon as they meet her and see her work. After her debut at Boston Fashion Week she was invited to

show at many highly regarded fashion event venues throughout the city and won an award for Breakout

Designer of 2013. These are all accomplishments that new designers struggle to achieve over many

years, not mere months after graduating from a fashion design program."

Marilyn Reisman

                 "Tatiana-Tejedor Garavito was selected as a Fashion Group International Launch Designer during Boston Fashion Week this past fall. One of my weekly fashion shows was part of her press package. Having Tatiana featured as a designer at my show was a complete honor. I was completely overwhelmed with her talent! She is not only incredibly skilled technically but her eye for design and use of fabric is outstanding. I knew at that moment she was going to be a success and would have a wonderful future ahead of her. I had a group of experienced fashion professionals seated with me at the show who all felt the same way about Tatiana’s exceptional ability. From that time on I have consulted with Tatiana and know she will grow and excel in her field.

I have an extensive background in the fashion industry and am known for my knowledge, sense of style and estimation of talent. I believe Tatiana-Tejedor Garavito is an amazingly talented young lady, one that stands out among the rest! Her impeccable workmanship, treatment of fabric and unique as well timeless designs make her an outstanding fashion designer. Her warm personality is also an asset. Designers, especially at the local level are judged not only by their work but by who they are as a person. Everyone who meets Tatiana not only loves her work they love her!"

Terri Mahn 

                    "I met Tatiana at the selection of graduate designers for Boston Fashion Week May 2013. I had seen her work much earlier however as a judge for the School of Fashion Design on their senior show selection of garments. Her pieces were impressive and far out shone those of her contemporaries.Her understanding of technical abilities is impressive and was duly challenged as she worked to complete her collection.

One of our Mentors owns an apparel manufacturing plant and worked with the other 3 graduate designers closely as well but felt that Tatiana excelled in skill, direction and execution. She also went beyond being a supportive participant by offering to help her fellow designers who were struggling to complete their collections. Her compassion towards her fellow designers was exemplary."